Siege UP! Translation volunteering

Hello! Welcome to Siege UP! translation volunteering. The game doesn't really bring money, well I can't afford professional translation yet. Now most of the texts in the game are translated with Google Translate and not always correct. If you are ready to translate texts to your native language for little in-game benefits, I would appreciate this very much.

My native language is Russian, thus even English texts are often wrong or at least not perfect. I would be happy if you can correct them too.

If you want to help with translation. Please, copy the translation of the latest version from GoogleDrive folder into your Google Drive. You may see automatical translation to your native language in columns with "Auto_" prefix. Please don't modify this "Auto_" column, changes in this column will not be applied to the game. Insted, modify empty cells in the column of your language in cases when automatic translation looks wrong for you. If translation for your language is absent, you still can add it, but you will need to translate each string by yourself. Just add a new column for your language. If you have no much time, please, focus on short strings first. The most important is having correct unit names and button captions. When you finish the translation, please, share the document with me by address . In response, I'll send you my greetings and promocode for enabling cheats for free.

Link to my google drive - GoogleDrive folder

Little about the structure of the table.

  1. Column "id" is important as it defines connections between table and game.
  2. Column "path" is not used and added just to help translators understand the context of the translated line.
  3. Column "Auto_LangName" is translated automatically from English source string.
  4. Column "LangName" is manually translated. It will be selected in place of Auto_LangName if presented

About versioning

I'm creating a new table for each version of the game. Please, make sure you are translating the last version. If while you translated the text, a new version appeared, it's okay. But if translation is very outdated, I can't physically apply it.

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